Ryan Halliburton
Thanks for stopping by!
3/25/14 -
   Podcast is up! Summer dates are up! Boom!

1/15/14 -
   Happy New Year! The Podcast is coming! Get ready...

12/11/13 -
   I finally updated the calendar. It should work now, and only took 6 months:)
   I've added a new super-cool store, so buy something, would ya???
   'Ophelia' is still up.
   More updates coming soon!!!

  This is my website, version 2.0!

  I'm no web designer and I've got a lot of work to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Pretty straight forward so far, but please check back for new content. Discography, song cheats, video, and more dates on the way.

  Also, let's make a deal: I won't ask for and save your email address; and you won't  have to pretend to read but really just erase my boring email newsletters. Good? Great!

P.S. - You'll see a tiny play button to the left of these words. If you press it, you will hear Colin Winsor and Max Cantlin helping me with "Ophelia" from a couple summers back. Rough around the edges, but it makes me happy. It won't be up for long; I do not have the rights. Don't tell.
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